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One more thing — is a desoldering pump necessary? I have a Sony AR21S running watching tele on it , a fizz like a fuse popping and dead. I have also gone through every level on the F8 screen and it still shuts off with the exception of Safe Mode with Networking. How much does this grease cost from where? Maybe you have a faulty cooling fan?

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Where I can found the cable that connect the the keyboard bezel to the sony vaio pcg-k27. I want now to change the celeron osny. I tried another power source charger. For this one, what happen if Sony vaio pcg-k27 accidentally force the cable to be disconnect it and break the cable, would i be able to replace the cable and fix it?

How to disassemble Sony Vaio PCG-K

Carefully spread latches on both sides of slot. Yet it must have been done properly when the computer was built. I created an Acer backup recovery disc, forgot to label it and realised I had placed it in the Sony vaio CD rom by accident. Even tried linux, no help. I used a sony vaio pcg-k27 spray on sony vaio pcg-k27 conectors of the power board the one left of the battery and reasembled, sony vaio pcg-k27 no luck.

Vsio suggestions would be grreatful as I have npo spare parts and do not want to buy some and try some before I fix the issue. There is anything else I could do to for this notebook? Send the PC to Sony for repairs they had a standard reply the motherboard needs to be changed and ask for a exorbitant charge for it.

Removing modem card if needed. I did all the steps sony vaio pcg-k27 the follow-up questions and it still showed error. I have sony vaio pcg-k27 laptop model pcg-3G5L When its displaying it shows Small lines on the botom sreen. Everything was done and also reassembled. Does anyone have a good site to purchase this part or is ebay the best bet? Maybe you must use PC, not PC modules? Did you apply new thermal sony vaio pcg-k27 on the processor if you removed the heat sink for cleaning?

I tried this method but the DVD drive does not song. Try cleaning the heatsink and maybe reapply thermal grease between the heatsink and CPU. Test your laptop with different memory modules installed into different slots.

Why did I need to detach the ribbon keyboard bezel in order to remove the keyboard? Install new heatsink assembly. The computer has gotten very slow ….

You can try reseating the LCD cable on both ends. I found some, but not for this model.

I replaced the power jack and cable on a PCG-K45 today, and without your help, it literally would not have been possible. Many Thanks Duncan Brown. I made sure the video cable is connected tightly, I took it apart at least 5 times to try and fix it now. If laptop will not start with a new AC adapter and the power LED flashes, most likely this is motherboard related failure.

Sony vaio pcg-k27 some cases you have to use some reasonable force to separate sony vaio pcg-k27 heat sink from the CPU but be very careful. Preferably a board that would bring a k-series closer to being up to date?

How to disassemble Sony Vaio PCG-K – Inside my laptop

sony vaio pcg-k27 Any idea what happened. And thanks for all soyn info and veiws to help me work on my Sony. Try removing them one by one and test the laptop with each memory module separately try different slots.

Hopefully it works without overheating now! Can sony vaio pcg-k27 hear the cooling fan spinning? Install new heat sink assembly.

I forgot to screw it on, and thats when it finally read, but that isnt functional or ergonomic, sony vaio pcg-k27 there any step you could recommend to make it read normal?

After installing the recovery CD, parway through, the system prowers down, and after repeated attempts, the problem persists. Thank you for taking time to supply sony vaio pcg-k27 information to others! Is there much difference between disassembling the K model vs. Can you make them go away by moving the display?

Even though the laptop get heated sony vaio pcg-k27 much the system operation is very smooth. The LAPTOP kept shutting down after a minute or then even quicker, I baio this was due to a fault Heatsink and sony vaio pcg-k27, I replaced the Heastsink and fan module and i now have an issue with the laptop not powering on at all. Key number 7 did not function. It is realy help full, as i was tring to open from the back, but according to this guide, now it is clear that we have to open it from caio.

A friend said that I needed to replace the disk. Do you have two modules installed? Test the hard drive.