In addition, as the model in question was no longer in production, I got a free upgrade. I fixed my problem in less than10 min. I looked under the key and everything looks in place. I recommend this site to anyone!!! You saved my life. I was just typing on my Toshiba Laptop, which I have only had for a few months and the E button popped right off. Where do i find individual keys to purchase for my laptop?

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Thanks buddy, I panicked for a moment haha. I actual fixed something! There is no way I can afford to replace the laptop. Is the rubber membrane black? The computer had just passed the 2 year warranty. I fixed my laptop keys seeing these suggestions.

mpc transport t2400

I mpc transport t2400 I could try again and see if I get more success. Thankyou so much i will be keeping this site handy in case i ever need to pop a key back in again. Yes, i do not get how you attach the 2 parts of the retainer together. Managed to wiggle it in there with the help of a plastic Bic pen top.

How do I put the enter key back mpc transport t2400 if the little white retainer is still attached to the keyboard? Kudos to you and to google!!! I could have used this guide then. I recommened this website!!! I get the bracket on or the retainer mpc transport t2400, and then pop on the plastic mlc part.

What excellent clear instructions!

Thanks a million for your clear, straightforward advice, brilliant. I simply cannot get the bottom of it to clip and stay on.

I was able to to fix it by using the illustrations. Thanks so much for your help!

These directions did not work at all. Thank mpc transport t2400 so much for you instruction, it saved me a trip to bestbuy after my baby pulled the space bar off. Snap the key cap on the retainer.

Thanks a ton for these step by step instructions.

Cany anyone help me my o key came off my mpc transport t2400 however the key retainer stayed on, im just clueless about how to snap the key back onto the keyboard. I would never have figured it out, and certainly would not had the guys to pop a 2nd key off thinking that I would just make a bad situation worse. I was freakin out, I just kept thinking my husband is going to kill me if I break this laptop. My backspace mpc transport t2400 was shifting and hard to use.

A key fell off the keyboard. Fixing the problem. | Laptop Repair

Thanks a lot for your step by step detailed instructions to repiar and reinstalling the key for Laptop. I have a Dell laptop and the little rubber piece in the center of the retainer came off the W key on my keyboard. The undisturbed mpc transport t2400 retainer I used as my model showed me how the two parts trajsport mpc transport t2400 each other.

I tried to go to the website you have given me to buy a key that has broken. He know nearly everything about computers. And these instructions helped me get my key back on! It was not the easiest task, but with patience and your site I was able to snap the keys back on.

A key fell off the keyboard. Fixing the problem.

My dog managed to flip the Caps Lock key off of my Dell laptop when my daughter was doing her homework on the floor. Thanks a lot… your step mpc transport t2400 step method mpc transport t2400 explaination along with pictures made it a lot lot easier for me to fix similar problem. This is the round rubbery thing in the middle of the retainer on the keypad.

Tt2400 just solved my 3 year old broken spacebar problem!!! Can t2400 superglue or tape? Your site gave me the confidence to fix it myself.

I have a dell I borrowed from a friend and one key game off then I pmc the mpc transport t2400 I quess I done it wron and the second key the retain game of with the key. It was a headahce just to remember where mpc transport t2400 went, lol. P tranzport fixed it!! I tried putting it back but I had a hard time, so I searched in the internet and found this website.

I spent 2 hours trying to get this to work while looking at your site and it does!